About Us

What does it mean to be a Chef? Aside from creating fantastic food you must be many other things. A businessperson, a mentor, an influencer with great PR skills, a relationship builder and above all else, an employer working with your brigade to bring the best out of them so they can progress with confidence.

Chef & Restaurant, previously Chef Magazine, is published for you. With support and contributions from Chefs across all areas and at the top of their game, our core values are to provide you, our reader with relevant, informative and exciting content. To network, through print and digital publication with your counterparts and to understand and appreciate how others in your trade are influencing the hospitality scene today. We share knowledge and skills. Our contributors are keen to “pay it forward”. This is a large industry, yet an all-inclusive one.

Sourcing new suppliers and service partners can be exhaustive, and engagement with existing ones on new products and developments time consuming. We specialise in creative solutions to this. Running several features throughout the magazine, we have an approach whereby we ask culinary experts across the board to either test, taste or review – giving you real feedback from professionals on which you can rely.

So, a big welcome to you all. After a successful acquisition and relaunch in February 2017, Chef Magazine moved from a bi-monthly publication to 12 times per year in September 2017. It is now experiencing what can only be described as a stratospheric growth and engagement amongst Chefs and the industry and as such we re-branded from January 2019 to include the growing number of Front of House readers.

This couldn’t have been done without you all, whether reader, contributor or advertiser. Your time, support and commitment to Chef & Restaurant helps to make it what it is. The emerging leading light in hospitality trade publications.

And August 2019 we have launched Chef & Restaurant New York, the definitive publication for the New York Hospitality scene. Building connections and opening discussions between Chefs and their peers. Introducing you to brands and suppliers through impactful and empowering content. Dedicated Sommelier diaries section, informative and innovative Pastry Section. The publication to be a part of. Content fuelled, Design led, Quality driven.

Whether chef, business owner, front of house, or supplier/manufacturer, please join us on our journey, get in touch with news, keep us informed of your own activity and become part of the Chef & Restaurant family. We look forward to welcoming you on board.

Martyn Keen,

Managing Director, Chef Publishing Ltd.