Award Winning Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil launches in UK

Perfect Picualia!

Deliciously different, deliciously versatile and totally new to the UK – multi award winning Picualia Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain is launching at this month’s Speciality & Fine Food Fair following a successful summer season at Selfridges.

There are 2600 types of Olive in the world – the Picual Olive, grown in the heart of Andalucía’s Jaen province for more than 70 years, has one of the highest levels of antioxidants and provides the most health benefits. In fact a recent study showed it has THREE times the level of antioxidants. It is free from additives and preservatives.

Picualia was created 70 years ago by Olive farmer Luis Moreno Agreda – his vision was to create a farming co-operative to benefit the whole community. It now boasts the only state of the art eco-friendly, fully sustainable mill in the whole of Spain. Full traceability is guaranteed. Olives are single Picual variety. Never mixed, never blended.

George McIvor, Chairman of the Master Chefs of Great Britain says: “Picualia reminds me of the days when you could actually taste the freshness of flavour within our foods. Picualia’s oils are so fresh in flavour, you would think the olives had been hand squeezed to produce the elixir of olive oil”.

Dr Simon Poole, Author of ‘The Olive Oil Diet’, says Picualia is full of health benefits. He says: “Extra Virgin Olive Oil is at the heart of the Mediterranean Diet and is associated with better health. We also know that not all olive oils are the same. The antioxidant levels are much higher in well produced extra virgin olive oils, conferring beautifully complex flavour and aroma profiles as well as contributing to improved wellbeing’.

Celebrity chef and food writer Gizzy Erskine says: “We choose Picualia extra virgin olive oils for our kitchen and for finishing and dipping here at Mare Street Market. It is vivid green, full bodied with a feint peppery flavour”.

Judy Ridgway, acclaimed food writer and international EVOO expert says: “This excellent oil shows the Picual variety at its very best. The flavours are complex and distinctive with all the elements showing a really harmonious character. The oil stands alone as a great dipping oil and flavouring ingredient and could certainly be used in most culinary applications”.

Picualia has a high smoke point and is the first choice of the some of the most celebrated chefs in Spain. A true taste of the Mediterranean it’s great for dipping, drizzling, dunking, roasting, baking and frying.

The company supports its farmers and fair- trade, caring for a community of over 950 local farmers and their families who supply olives from their 357 000 trees. The modern mill can process up to 30 million kilos of olives.

Bottled to order Picualia is cold pressed then stored at precise temperatures to protect the oils precious aromas and flavours. It has an 18 month shelf life.

Available online and in Selfridges the range includes Exclusive Premium Reserve – the very best EVOO selected from the October harvest, RRP £29.99 a special limited edition press of the first day of harvest – to be pre-ordered, Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil for catering in 2.5 litre and 750 ml cans, retailing at £22 per can with four units in each case.

A stunningly designed Christmas gift box is the perfect present for festive foodies – it includes a beautiful bottle of premium Picualia and a delicious jar of Olive Oil Marmalade – a delicious partner for bread, pate, cheese, salads, cold meats, ice-cream and yoghurt. Also gorgeous as a glaze for meats, fish, vegetables and foods on the barbecue.  RRP £39.99 – contains 500ml Premium and two 170g marmalades in two varieties Arbequina and a Picual.

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