Unlike Sports, Arts or Girls education – the Hospitality Industry in the UK is not represented by its own minister.
A petition is now live at Petitions Parliament – the only platform for online petitions that the Government have to address.
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The hospitality industry has been under represented in Government for too long. But this is not just about Coronavirus and navigating our way out of this. This is about the future of a brilliant, innovative and inclusive industry.
We are asking the Government to appoint a dedicated Minister for Hospitality to:
  • work with our representative bodies
  • Listen to our operators
  • Represent the industry in commons discussions
  • Help us prepare for the future
  • Liaise with the industry on issues such as taxation and legislation that affect our businesses
  • Celebrate and champion the work of our operators to the rest of the world.
  • Help secure a viable future for our industry
The whole world has changed, and will change more in the months and years to come. The United Kingdom needs to attract investment and tourism back to our shores. Our hospitality industry delivers an aspirational vision of the UK to the rest of the world. We are a huge part of what makes this country attractive.
The UK hospitality industry has been responsible for many of the most successful chefs in the world. We also operate the best pubs in the world – nowhere else does a pub quite like we do! We have the finest fish and chip shops, the best suppliers, creative and dynamic event caterers and some of the best culinary schools in the world, too.  Let’s ask the PM and his government to help us realise a future for our industry that’s full of vigour and confidence.
Save the QR code above to print onto your menus or have as a notice in your premises. Get everyone involved.
To get our #OneVoice in Government, we need to use our #CollectiveVoice now