Borogo Recipe Book


Internationally acclaimed chef Rodolfo Guzmán introduces the exciting world of high-end Chilean gastronomy.



Boragó: Coming from the South 

Celebrating both Guzmán’s distinctive cuisine at his restaurant and Chile’s status as a must-see destination, this exquisite volume will introduce readers to the distinctive pleasures of Chilean food, landscape and culture.

Combining Mugaritz-trained Guzmán’s fascinating narratives about Chilean geography and ingredients, his never-before- published notebook sketches of dishes and creative processes, and gorgeous landscape and food photography by leading architectural photographer Cristóbal Palma, Phaidon’s latest chef monograph is an exquisite, visually rich celebration of a fast-rising culinary star.

Lauded as one of the best restaurants in South America – and indeed the world – Boragó’s cuisine is embedded within Chile’s extreme terrain: Think the Andres mountain range, the cold waters of the Paci c Ocean, the Atacama Desert, the driest in the world, as well as icey glaciers and lush forests. Utilising indigenous mushrooms, wild fruits, seaweeds and succulents, Guzmán eschews any ingredient non-native to this part of the world in order to explore new possibilities in cooking and avours; the result is the restaurant’s dynamic, wildly imaginative tasting menu. As food writer Andrea Petrini writes in his foreword, “Rodolfo Guzmán is an explorer, part ethnologist and part harvest and handmade goods shaman.”

Behind Boragó and its extraordinary menu are more than 200 people, including foraging communities and small producers from the entire length of the country. In this way Boragó reconnects Chileans with their culinary heritage and the millennia old traditions of the indigenous Mapuche. Merkén, for example, is a preservation process and seasoning with a spicy, salty, smoky avour that has been used by the Mapuche people.


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