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Is there a glimmer of light which signifies the re-opening of restaurants, pubs, cafes and hotels across the UK? According to Boris and his government, possibly. The 4th of July is the potential date providing all the criteria are met. Could the 4th July become our own celebration of independence?

Businesses across the UK have begun to make arrangements. They are putting plans into action, looking at their own premises to see how tables can be configured differently to allow for extra spacing. Chefs are beginning to consider their menus for re-opening, and wondering just how on earth social distancing can be monitored and maintained in a kitchen environment. Cautious optimism is where it’s at.

We have a wonderful June issue for you. With interviews with some incredible chefs including Hrishikesh Desai, Askimakis Chaniotis, Callum Graham and Matthew Whitfield. An industry piece from Gareth Bartram and we find out more about the Burnt Chef Project. Camille visited South Africa to find out more about the Raisins and our ingredient this month is Rhubarb. We have a selection of inspiring recipes, our new puzzle section and details on an amazing completion to help keep you busy during these times.

Through all of these past few months, we have done our very best to continue to keep you inspired, motivated and a little bit hopeful. It hasn’t been easy, that we will admit freely. The distress, worry and anxiety – not to mention – frustration held by each and every one of you has also been felt by us, for you. But we have been overjoyed with the responses we are getting from you. Please enjoy this issue and there is light now at the end of this long tunnel. 


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