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Welcome to the February issue, our biggest and most feature packed magazine so far.

This month we catch up with Dom Robinson, Chef-Patron of The Blackbird in Newbury, and talk to him about the joys and frustrations of the industry, what made him want to be a chef and where he sees himself five years from now.

We interview Duncan Ray after his watershed year in 2018 after picking up numerous awards and accolades for his 20-seater Little Fish Market Restaurant in Hove.

We were lucky enough to be invited to meet and talk with Martin Berasategui, regarded as one of the best chefs in the world having amassed an incredible 10 Michelin stars, at the opening of his new restaurant Etxedo at Bless Hotel in Madrid.

We have four amazing company profiles in this magazine…bringing you all the information you actually want to know on some fascinating companies, Te Mana Lamb, Colston Bassett, Freshview Foods and Koppert Cress.

We have a new feature starting this month, the Sommelier Diary, that will include guest Sommeliers on their views and thoughts on the industry.

Our wine feature this month is from New Zealand and our Ingredients section from Gastronomixs focusses on the Beetroot.

With our regular pieces from British Charcuterie, Westminster Kingsway and our stunning range of recipes, the best just keeps on getting better


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