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In our awesome October issue we interview the much talked about Alex Bond and his experiences working with Sat Bains and setting up his own restaurant Alchemilla.

Not wanting to just do another knife test, this time we have them scientifically tested at CATRA and then a hands on test at Divertimenti with invited Chefs who also end up getting a little wet!. Fascinating reading and if you are in the market for a new knife, this is the article for you.

We manage to grab an interview with the incredibly busy Helene Darroze at her two starred London restaurant and hear about her big challenge coming up next year and how she now has a Barbie doll of her.

We were invited on a fantastic trip to Riso Gallo to learn all about their history, their production and what makes the perfect risotto and here you can read about this fascinating couple of days.

Our industry topic this month is Fjord Trout, the exclusive fish Chefs seek out for its premium quality, taste and versatility. Front of House this months features the wines of Campania and lastly we have over 10 pages of inspiring recipes.

The best just keeps on getting better!


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