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Over 120 pages of interviews, company profiles, features and recipes. Luxurious and inspirational, it is no wonder why people collect these magazines.
In our October issue, our cover interview is a chef who needs no introduction, Clare Smyth. But rather than the usual questions and topics, we go into how she got here, why she stuck it out and what motivated her to go alone at Core.
Dom Robinson came to us wanting to tell his uncensored story of his battle with mental health, drink and drugs. In an exceptionally honest, brave and determined piece, this is a true lockdown tale of a much-loved chef.
Like many things over the last few months, Nestle Toque d’Or had to totally change their prestigious competition and take it digital. In this our final piece, we introduce the winners and have four exclusive interviews of their experience and future plans.
We interview Chef Adam Stokes. His one-star restaurant has won a confetti of rave reviews while regular customers have voted it the best in the UK.
Weeks spent cruising around the most beautiful oceans onboard multi-million pound super yachts, sharing your life with the rich and famous doesn’t sound like a regular day on the pass for most chefs. But for Chef Jamie Tulley this is an occupational hazard.
Earlier in the month, Michelin answered the question that had been circling around the industry for months, “What happens with the Michelin Guide this year?” Here from Paul Ainsworth on his thoughts on this announcement.
Our Business Spotlight this month is the chic Marylebone Pub and Dining Room. The Cavendish, reopened under the direction of a new team.
Klima-Therm is one of the first companies to introduce air purification technology into the UK to protect against COVID-19 and other potentially dangerous airborne particles. We hear from their Technical Manager and what they have installed at Sketch in the fight against this pandemic.
With the catering and hospitality industry among the worst hit by the COVID-19 crisis, Master Chocolatier and Deputy Executive Principal of Westminster Kingsway College explains why working in the sector is still a great choice.
We chat with Pastry Chef Graham Hornigold, as much of a family man as businessman and founder of Longboys Doughnuts and Smart Patisserie.
Our Sommelier Diaries section this month looks at the Rose Revolution and The No Cook Guide to Beer and Food Pairing.
Our ingredient this month from Gastronomixs is Pumpkin and Butternut Squash and our recipes this month come from Koppert Cress.


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