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In this issue we feature Chef Araki who has quietly attained three Michelin stars and redefined culinary exclusivity at his Mayfair restaurant. We pay tribute to the Pope of French Cuisine, Chef Paul Bocuse who passed away in January aged 91. We interview Sydney-based Nelly Robinson, head chef at 22 and proprieter at 29, who is taking part in the Obsession Chef’s Festival.
Our Area Focus this month is Dublin, a city where the familiar is always comforting and feature Ross Lewis @Chapter 1, Ed Cooney @The Merrion and Niall Sabongi @seafood cafe. We interview Ben Murphy, the 27 year old former Westminster Kingsway student and now head chef at Launceston Place. Then with several pages of inspiring recipes from our featured Chefs and industry news, you do not want to miss out on this stunning issue.


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