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Celebrity chocolatier Kirsten Tibballs reveals the recipes from Melbourne’s Savour kitchen and chocolate school – offering budding and professional chocolatiers and pastry chefs the opportunity to recreate her mouth-watering dishes. Famed as a judge on ‘MasterChef Australia’ Kirsten’s clear cut recipes are perfect for those that are looking to wow guests and progress their chocolate and patisserie skills. Includes individual chocolates, chocolate lollipops, macaroons, tarts and Kirsten’s renowned cakes.



By Kirsten Tibballs

In the heart of Melbourne Australia is established Chocolate and Pâtisserie School ‘Savour ‘set up by master chocolatier Kirsten Tibballs. The school famed for its delicious pastries, confectionary and cakes, is aimed at teaching the art of chocolate making offering students the opportunity to create mouthwatering delights easily and simply at home.

Chocolate to Savour reveals various recipes that helped to make ‘Savour’ the highly regarded school it is today with stunning celebration cakes, bitesize confectionary and show-stopping desserts gracing its pages. Skills and techniques are clearly explained offering readers the Savour teaching experience at home.

A celebrity figure in Australian cuisine Kirsten’s recipes are sure to surprise and delight, making guests wonder how you made that enviable dessert or wow-factor cake.

Set with beautiful colour photography and clearly explained recipes, stunning chocolate dishes are no longer for just the chocolate shops – now they can be shared and savoured in homes everywhere.


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