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In Issue 5 of Chef & Restaurant New York Magazine our cover Chef is James Kent, a native New Yorker who as a teenager graffitied his way around Soho before turning his attention to life in the kitchen.

We speak with John Fraser of 701WEST, Times Square Edition’s signature dining room, capturing the energy of Times Square eleven stories below.

Our company profile features Vollrath, who have just launched their 4 Series of Induction cooking. Read more about the company and the products in this months magazine.

Our International Chef is Alex Dilling from the two-star Michelin restaurant The Greenhouse in London’s Mayfair.

The regular feature from James Marcolin this month is all about learning to talk about yourself in an interview with helpful tips and advice for your next move.

Business Spotlight this month is Mister Paradise, who are reimagining cocktail culture in the bar at 105 First Avenue.

In our first of monthly features from the Institute of Culinary Education, we hear from Rory Macdonald, chef at ICE, who provides some fascinating and insightful advice on the best way to leave a job.

In the Pastry Section we interview Ron Paprocki, Executive Pastry Chef at Gotham Bar and Grill, Greenwich Village, a loved and lauded NYC favourite dining destination.

Valrhona celebrates the five-year anniversary of L’Ecole Valrhona Brooklyn with the launch of special classes located in New York, Paris with Pierre Here and for the first time four locations in California. We feature all of the courses for 2020.

In the Sommelier Diaries we hear from Sandia Chang, who grew up in California and developed a life long obsession with Champagne.

Our wine region comes from the unusual location of Ningxia in China, where East meets West.

In our second article from Rory Macdonald, he provides us with a fascinating look at the science behind smell and taste, how are they connected and why does it matter?

Our Ingredient this month is Pineapple finishing with pages of inspiring recipes for you to try.