2 Piece Santoku Set



An elegant set containing the 6-inch and 8-inch Santoku Knives.



You’ll find the 6-inch blade to be light and swift, you can chop the whole length of the blade due to its flatter design, with a razor sharp heel it is amazing for fine sliced ginger, spring onions and herbs.

It features a wide blade making scooping or crushing a joy. It’s bevelled edge prevents food sticking to the blade and hindering your next chop. A fantastic Japanese style chef knife that will tackle most jobs in the kitchen.

The 8-inch blade is the bigger brother of the two, and being that little bit bigger, it will do a little bit more of the work for you. A better tool suited for you large cabbages or swedes and squashes.

Having a longer blade means you saw at your food less, less strokes = less work. A great all-rounder.

They come with an elegant wooden gift box to make them the perfect gift for someone special.


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