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A balanced lifestyle plan devised by top sports nutritionist Matt Lovell. Here Matt shares his advice for a healthy balanced diet, which includes using palm sizes to control portions and a guide to eating well throughout the week. Colour coded and clearly explained Matt uses his own expert knowledge to guide readers throughout a clear and simple lifestyle plan and his own tried and tested recipes. With testimonials from Olympic stars and 2012 hopefuls, the palm sized plan offers a balanced option for those looking to slim down or tone up. Well-respected within the industry Matt has taken his unique industry knowledge and is sharing his expertise for a healthy life.



Over 80 healthy and balanced recipes

A weekly food menu and beginning plan detox regime

How to … hints and tips to make cooking easier

Easy to follow guides for tea, spices and dressings

Foreword by Jonny Wilkinson, testimonials from Craig Pickering and Lisa Dobriskey

Having featured in Cooking with Balls, England Rugby nutritionist Matt Lovell’s healthy but tasty recipes were a major hit. Now featured in his own cookbook of well balanced nutritional and exciting recipes Matt has combined his knowledge of nutrition for sportspeople together with his own elite performance based company to create a eclectic mix of inspiring healthy dishes.

Based on the palm diet where three meals a day are substituted with four smaller portions of carefully controlled carbs, protein and vegetables (measured out to the the size of your palm) the weekly plan of meals is clear and easy to follow. Dishes are color coordinated so that readers can mix and match dishes depending on their exercise routine or whether they want to loose weight or bulk up. Complete with full colour photography to replicate the perfect dish.


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