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The Chef Book published for the Professional Chef



This book is a treasure-trove of great food. A veritable anthology of some of the world’s best chefs and their recipes including Paul Bocuse, the Roux family, Anton Mosimann and Thomas Keller and many of the new stars of today such as Sat Bains, Jason Atherton and Daniel Humm. In total there are 124 chefs featured in this amazing collection. The photography is a work of art and the recipes are as diverse as the chefs featured.

This book has been produced to celebrate the 40th issue of “Chef Magazine”, a testament to the dedication and professionalism of the magazine. My wish would be that every cook worth his salt should buy a copy, look at it, study it and cherish it.
We have become a nation of food lovers. Books, magazines, newspapers, television and the media in general cannot get a big enough “bite” of this phenomenon. Today I am merely a spectator but I would like to think that I was in the vanguard of this culinary adventure. Looking back, in the seventies, it was like walking through a dark forest. Though I acknowledge that some of the chefs featured in this wonderful book are at the “cutting edge” of this revolution, it does not preclude me from saying that I cannot endorse some of the excesses.
When you study this book, you will come to realise that contributions of this kind cost precious time and money. I would therefore like to extend a big thank you to the men and women who contributed so generously.