Prosecco Doc, once again, leads among designations

Prosecco DOC confirms itself as the top Italian wine designation for 2023 in both volume and value, with production at over 616 million bottles. However, there has been a 3.5% decrease in bottling compared to the previous year, which drops to below 2% when excluding Prosecco DOC Rosé  which experienced a more significant decline while still representing over 8% of the entire designation.

The data is essentially in line with the forecasts made by the Consortium ahead of the ordinary shareholders’ meeting, which, before the summer, approved the governance of the Designation proposed by the Board of Directors,” explains President Stefano Zanette: “In analysing the data, we cannot ignore a rather complicated international context and an economic situation heavily influenced by inflation, which, although decreasing, still significantly impacts family budgets, both in Italy and in many of our most important markets.

“In the coming weeks, our focus will be on some important changes to the production specifications that will involve greater segmentation, both in terms of quality and geography, as well as packaging and labelling. This is to better meet the expectations of the most demanding consumers, believing that Prosecco will continue to represent, even in the future, one of the most appreciated Italian oenological excellences worldwide,” concludes Zanette.

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