Vegan friendly Raw Basil Pesto from Seggiano

Pesto – it’s a kitchen cupboard essential that works for a multitude of dishes.  And with not much difference between the various brands currently on the market, we would forgive you for thinking that once you’ve tried one; you’ve tried them all!

However, we promise you won’t have tried anything as fabulously authentic as SEGGIANO’s Raw Basil Pesto!

What makes this pesto so different?

Made from Liguarian basil, SEGGIANO’s pesto is packed with fresh, aromatic flavours that will add a flavoursome, unforgettable punch to all of your dishes!

The tender top basil leaves are picked, washed, chopped and preserved in olive oil, all within a few hours of being hand picked.  The pesto is gluten free, unpasteurized and doesn’t contain cheese, making it suitable for vegans.

Simple ingredients for authentic Italian flavour

The ingredients list couldn’t be simpler: extra virgin olive oil, cashew nuts, fresh DOP Genovese basil, pine nuts and a sprinkling of sea salt, making this pesto authentically Italian and simply delicious!

As well as being a kitchen cupboard essential, thanks to its versatility and high intensity of flavours, SEGGIANO’s Raw Basil Pesto is perfect for adding a flavoursome punch to vegan meals!

Why not try stirred through SEGGIANO’s Gluten Free Artisan Pasta, drizzled over salads and roasted veg, in risottos, pizzas or bruschetta- the list is endless!

What do the experts thinks?

Nutritionist Cassandra Barns comments, “As well as adding delicious flavour, a good pesto is a nutritious way to jazz up any meal.  Basil is rich in antioxidants, and olive oil and cashew nuts provide healthy fats.  As it’s made with pure plant ingredients, SEGGIANO’s Raw Basil Pesto is about as good as it gets!”

Wait, there’s more!

To get your taste buds really going, there are three more delicious flavours within SEGGIANO’s pesto range:

  • Black Kale Pesto– captures the goodness and dark leafy green flavours of black kale
  • Wild Fennel Tomato Pesto– aromatic pesto sourced from South East Sicily
  • Tomato Pesto– creamy, nutty pesto made with fresh tomatoes and lots of fresh basil


Raw Basil, Black Kale and Tomato Pesto all £6.40 (200g jar)

Wild Fennel Tomato Pest0 – £5.30 (200g jar)

Available from Whole Foods, Planet Organic, independent grocery stores, delis, farm shops and online at